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Become an Ambassador

Join our affiliate program and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts, occasional free merchandise, and a chance to be featured on our Instagram and TikTok pages.
  • Earn a generous 5% commission on every sale made using your unique coupon code or link.
  • 10% of every order goes to charity, so you can earn rewards for the afterlife while helping those in need.
  • You can also earn additional bonuses if you make a lot of sales.

As a valued affiliate, we ask that you:

  • Share and create stunning photos and videos on Instagram and TikTok, and tag us ( and use the hashtags #amariah & #amariahqueens to increase your exposure.
  • Share your affiliate coupon code and link in your bio, and promote it to your friends, followers, and potential customers.
  • Reach out to potential customers who are interested and encourage them to buy using your coupon code.
  • Engage with us on social media

Join our affiliate program today and start earning rewards for yourself and others!

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